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Life/form® by Nasco Healthcare
Infant Circumcision Training Kit
LF00900U, LF00902U, and LF00904U
Instruction Manual
Infant Circumcision Training Kit - LF00900_LF00902_LF00904
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Infant Circumcision Training Kit

LF00908U White
LF00909U Black
LF00910U Brown

All kits containing instruments are to be used for trainer purposes only. Instruments are not sterile and not intended for human use.

About the Simulator

With assistance from one of the top medical schools in Wisconsin, as well as medical professionals in South Africa and Indonesia, the Life/form® Infant Circumcision Trainer has been developed to offer realistic training of this delicate procedure. Now medical students and physicians can practice and improve their skills on the surgical removal of the foreskin on the glans penis without the worry of learning on a real live infant. This trainer may also be used to practice aftercare skills by the nursing staff and parents, and could be used to demonstrate the procedure to parents and family members. The skin is made from our lifelike material and is delicate and realistic to the touch. The trainer’s foreskin is inexpensive and simple to replace.

List of Components

• 6 glans with foreskins
• Infant trainer
• Nylon suture
• Dissection case
• Scalpel
• Forceps, micro
• Probe
• Scissors, Iris research
• Forceps, straight
• Forceps, 2 curved
• Blue soft case

General Instructions for Use

1. Place glans between thumb and forefinger and tug on foreskin to release skin from glans.

2. Press glans in hole in simulator.

3. Turn glans to be sure it is comfortably in place in simulator.

4. Tug slightly on glans to be sure it is tightly secure before procedure.

5. Remove glans after circumcision procedure.

6. Replace with another glans.


Glans are not reusable. Replacement parts are sold in packages of 10 and 50.

Care of the Simulator

Color pigments may vary per ethnic group. Normal surface soil can be removed with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to remove stubborn stains. Simply apply the cleaner to the soiled area and wipe with a clean, soft paper towel. DO NOT clean the simulator with solvents or corrosive materials, as they will cause damage.

Available Supplies for Infant Circumcision Training Kit

LF00904(A)U White replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 10
LF00904(B)U White replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 50
LF00900(A)U Black replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 10
LF00900(B)U Black replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 50
LF00902(A)U Brown replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 10
LF00902(B)U Brown replacement glans & foreskin, pkg. of 50
LF09919U Nasco Cleaner

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