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Complete Ostomy Care Simulator
Instruction Manual
Pediatric Injection Training Arm Simulator - LF00895
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Figure 1


List of Components

A. Simulated Stomach
B. 2-oz. Stool
C. 2-oz. Lubricant
D. Adult Ostomy Bag
E. Syringe with stopcock and tubing
F. Base
G. Set of 4 Ostomies
H. 2 Gloves
I. 2 Towelettes
J. Infected Tissue Roll

About the Simulator

Nasco designed a Complete Ostomy Care Simulator to help in instructing students or patients about how to recognize, clean, care for, and maintain different types of ostomies. Add infection around an ostomy with the supplied infection tissue roll. The ostomies are removable and easy to place into any of the three voids. Two of the ostomies are functional, which also adds to realism when used with the included simulated stool.

Figure 2


Set Up

Remove trainer and included supplies. Retain shipping container and plastic bags for future storage.

General Instructions for Use - Using a Functional Ostomy

1. Place tubing into stool jar and pull back on the syringe to load stool. (2a.)
2. Place a small amount of lubricant onto the end of the tubing. (2b.) Then slide the tubing through the base. (2c.)

Figure 3


3. Place the simulator on the base and guide the tubing up through the hole in the back of the simulator until it exits from the hole in the top. (3a and 3b.)
4. Place a functional ostomy (either healthy or necrotic) over the tubing and insert the ostomy into the simulator. (3c.)
5. Open the stopcock attached to syringe and press on syringe to fill the tubing with stool. (3d.)
6. Place bag onto ostomy. (3e.) The bag may not stick well to lifelike skin material. See the Trouble Shooting Tips for more information.

Cleaning Trainer

1. Remove ostomy bag from simulator.
2. Carefully remove tubing and ostomy from simulator.
3. Any unused stool may be depressed from the syringe back into the container.
4. Repeatedly filling syringe with water and expelling water can remove stool that is lodged in tubing.
5. Carefully wash ostomies with soap and water to remove dirt and stool.
6. Gently dry stomas before returning to resealable bag.
7. The simulator can be washed with soap and water and lightly dried.
8. For stubborn dirt or grime, Nasco cleaner (LF09919U) can be dispensed on the soiled area and wiped clean with a cloth.
9. The clear base can be washed with window cleaner. Be sure it is completely dry before returning the simulator to the base.
10. Place all clean and dry components back into shipping container for storage.

Care and Maintenance

Clean simulator with soap and water or Nasco cleaner. Make sure simulator is completely dry before storing in the shipping container. To use Nasco cleaner, simply dispense a small amount onto the soiled area and wipe with a clean, dry towel.


Ink, ballpoint pen, and certain printed paper and plastics will leave an indelible stain when in contact with the simulator. Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

Trouble Shooting

What if stool will not flow out of tubing? 1. Make sure stopcock is open.
2. Check the tubing for kinks.
3. Check that the tubing has not been pinched shut by weight of trainer; employ stand when using stool.
4. Check the syringe, tubing, and ostomy for hardened stool. Clear hardened stool by rinsing with warm soapy water.
5. Water can be added to reconstitute stool if hardened. Add water and stir to desired consistency.

What if ostomy bag or simulated infected tissue roll will not stick to lifelike skin?

1. Ostomy bags adhere well to warm surfaces and the trainer is either cold or room temperature. Place the bag between warm hands to warm the adhesive before applying to simulator.
2. Warm the simulator with a hair dryer set to low heat.
3. The bags should be cut to fit snugly around the ostomies. Supplies/Replacement

Supplies/Replacement Parts for Enema Administration Simulator

LF00725(C)U Infected Tissue Roll
LF00759(A)U Simulated Stool, 2 oz.
LF00895(A)U Replacement Ostomies, Set/4: 2 functional (normal and necrotic), 2 nonfunctional (prolapsed and double barrel)
LF00895(B)U Replacement Kit: Pair of gloves, syringe with stopcock and tubing, adult ostomy bag, 2-oz. simulated stool, and 2-oz. lubricant
LF09919U Nasco Cleaner

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