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Advanced Suture Kit
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Advanced Suture Kit - LF00894U
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About the Simulator

Nasco’s Advanced Suture Kit takes your suture skill practice to a new level. The soft, flexible three-layer skin opens realistically when incised, yet is highly resistant to tearing – sutures won’t cut through even when pulled tight. Skin pad can be sutured hundreds of times. Includes easy-to-change specialty inserts for deep dermal suturing, tendon repair, and purse-string suture – challenging procedures that require a high degree of precision. Compact, portable, and completely washable.

List of Components

  1. Base Board
  2. Skin Pad
  3. 4 Non-Latex Elastic Bands
  4. Muscle Block
  5. Deep Dermal Insert
  6. Tendon Block
  7. Tendon
  8. Purse-String Insert
  9. Nylon Suture (LF07000U)
  10. Dissection Kit (scalpel, needle holder, scissors, and forceps in case) (LF01011U)
  11. Nylon Carry Bag

Set Up

Remove Advanced Suture Kit from shipping container. Retain any plastic bags for future storage use.

General Instructions for Use

  1. Fit the muscle block into the larger well in the base. (See figure 1.)
  2. Lay the skin pad over the block and secure to the base with two elastic bands.
  3. Incisions may now be made anywhere on the pad.
  4. Deep dermal insert: Simply fit the insert firmly into the smaller well and begin practice.
  5. Purse-string insert: Fit the insert firmly into the small well and begin practice. While the reinforced material is resistant to tearing, avoid excessive force when tightening the suture, as it may not close completely.
  6. Tendon insert: Fit the tendon block firmly into the smaller well. Cut the tendon as desired and snap it into the block. The cut ends may be elevated and secured to the block with small gauge needles (not included).
Figure 1


Care and Maintenance

All components may be washed in warm soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly before storage. A light dusting of baby powder will give the skin a more realistic feel. Using smaller gauge needles will prolong the life of the skin materials.


Skin and inserts may leave an oily residue after prolonged contact with paper, fabric, and other surfaces. Store them in the plastic bag provided. Ink, ballpoint pen, certain printed papers, and plastics will leave an indelible stain when in contact with the simulator. Actual product may vary slightly from images. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF00894(A)U – Skin Pad with 4 Non-Latex Elastic Bands
LF00894(B)U – Tendon
LF00894(C)U – Muscle Block
LF00894(D)U – Dermal Insert
LF00894(E)U – Purse-String Insert
LF00894(F)U – Tendon Block
LF07000U – Nylon Suture
LF07000(A)U – Nylon Suture, pkg. of 5
LF01011U – Suture Tool Kit with Case