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Life/form® by Nasco Healthcare
Enema Administration Simulator
Instruction Manual
Enema Administration Simulator - LF00857
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About the Simulator

The Life/form® Enema Administration Simulator had been designed to demonstrate and practice enema procedures. Standard apparatus can be used to introduce fluids. This simulator must be treated like a live patient or damage will result.

List of Components

• 1 enema bag
• 1 latex glove
• Nasco Hevi-Lube lubricant
• 18" vinyl tube
• Carrying case

Internal Structure

All aspects of the simulator are lifelike in every detail, and the action of the unit is extremely realistic. The upper buttock is flexible so that the trainee must raise the buttock in order to locate and make insertion into the anus. Simulated bowel will accommodate the introduction of fluids.

General Instructions for Use Set Up Procedure

1 Fill flexible Enema Administrator Unit with clear water.
2. Hang a bag a maximum of 18" above the simulator.

Figure 1


3. Prior to each use of the simulator, the anal orifice and enema catheter MUST be lubricated with Nasco Hevi-Lube Lubricant (LF01050U). Do not use substitutions. (CAUTION: Do not use large amounts of Nasco Hevi-Lube. Over application may block drain tube.)
4. The drain tube, which is stored in the case, must be attached to the connector on top of the simulator before the introduction of fluid. Place the drain tube in a sink, pan, or bucket (not included) for continuous drainage of administered fluids.

Procedures That Can Be Performed on This Simulator

The standard enema procedures can be performed using conventional enema apparatus. No special equipment is required.

Care of the Simulator

Normal soil can be removed with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to remove stubborn stains. Spray soiled area with cleaner and wipe clean with soft cloth or paper towel. Before storage, drain completely. Hold simulator upside down and drain all water. Remove 18" drain tubing. Dry all surfaces.


Solvents or corrosive materials will damage the simulator. Never place simulator on any kind of printed paper or plastic. These materials will transfer an indelible stain. Ball-point pens will also make a permanent stain.

Supplies/Replacement Parts for Enema Administration Simulator

LF09919U Nasco Cleaner
LF01050U Nasco Hevi-Lube
LF01024U 18" Drain Tubing
LF01098U Fluid Administration Set