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Burn Simulation Kit
Instruction Manual
Burn Simulation Kit - LF00795
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First-Degree Burn - LF00725(A)U

First-Degree Burn: LF00725(A)U

  • Appearance – Redness
  • Texture – Dry
  • Sensation – Painful
  • Healing Time – 1 week or less
Second-Degree Burn - LF00725(B)U

Second-Degree Burn: LF00725(B)U

  • Superficial partial thickness
  • Appearance – Red with clear blisters
    Blanches with pressure
  • Texture – Moist
  • Sensation – Painful
  • Healing time – 2-3 weeks
Second-Degree Burn - LF00725(C)U

Second-Degree Burn: LF00725(C)U

  • Deep partial thickness
  • Appearance – Red and white with bloody blisters
    Less blanching
  • Texture – Moist
  • Sensation – Painful
  • Healing time – Weeks, may progress to third degree
Third-Degree Burn - LF00725(D)U

Third-Degree Burn: LF00725(D)U

  • Full thickness burn
  • Appearance – Stiff and white/brown
  • Texture – Dry and leathery
  • Sensation – Painless
  • Healing time – Requires excision
  • Complications – Scarring, contractures, amputation

About the Simulator

Just like a real wound, the materials used in creating the simulated burns are very delicate. Use caution when applying and removing wounds. Wounds are hand-painted with care. Color and shape of the simulated burns may vary.

List of Components

  • Blisters
  • Blood Blisters
  • Burns: 1st Degree, 2nd Degree (Superficial), 2nd Degree (Deep), 3rd Degree
Makeup and Accessories
  • Alcohol Prep Swabs
  • Ash Dust Powder
  • Black Soot Powder
  • Blood Blister Makeup
  • Blood Paste
  • Brushes
  • Clotted Red Makeup
  • Dirt Powder
  • Foam Wedges
  • Gloves
  • Glycerin
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Injury Shades Makeup Wheel
  • Instruction Booklets
  • Light Cream Makeup
  • Magic Blood Powder
  • Red Rubber Round
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Spirit Gum with Brush
  • Spray Bottle
  • Stipple Sponges
  • Wet Wipes

Care of Simulator


Wounds will become less tacky with use. Clean wounds with warm water and mild soap. Dry completely with a clean towel or allow to air dry.


Place clean, dry wounds in a sealed bag.


To extend the life of your simulated burns, handle them with cleaning and procedures. Wounds tear during removal and application.

Makeup used with wounds may stain human models, trainer/manikin, and simulated wound. Use makeup with care.

Solvents or corrosive materials will damage the simulated wounds. Never place wounds on newsprint, printed paper, plastic or ball-point pen. These materials will transfer indelible stains.

Replacement Supplies for the Burn Simulation Kit

LF00725(A)U 1st Degree Burn Roll
LF00725(B)U 2nd Degree Superficial Partial Thickness Burn Roll
LF00725(C)U 2nd Degree Deep Partial Thickness Burn Roll
LF00725(D)U 3rd Degree Burn Roll
LF00725U Simulated Burns, Set of 4 (1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd)
LF00726U Blisters, 1 Roll, 7" x 10"
LF00727U Blood Blisters, 1 Roll, 7" x 10"
LF00751U Blood Paste, 1 oz.
LF00755U Spirit Gum, 1 oz. w/Brush
LF00756U Spirit Gum Remover, 2 oz.
LF00758U Magic Blood Powder, Mini
LF00760U Injury Shades Makeup Wheel, 1-oz. Jar
LF00764U Grease Paint Makeup, Blood Blister, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00777U Grease Paint Makeup, Clotted Red, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00780U Grease Paint Makeup, Light Cream, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00786U Black Soot Powder, 5-oz. Jar
LF00787U Ash Dust Powder, 5-oz. Jar
LF00788U Dirt Powder, 5-oz. Jar

Available Supplies for the Burn Simulation Kit

LF00750U Blood Gel with Brush
LF00752U Modeling Wax, Flesh Color, 1.75-oz. Jar
LF00753U Modeling Wax, Blood Color, 1-oz. Jar
LF00754 Liquid Latex, Clear, 1-oz. Bottle
LF00757U Makeup Remover, 2-oz. Bottle
LF00759(B)U Pus Jar, Flesh Color, 2-oz. Jar
SB49386U Skin Tite Adhesive

Available Supplies for the Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

LF00761U Primary Colors Makeup Wheel
LF00762U Special Effects Makeup Wheel
LF00763U Grease Paint Makeup, Capillary Shadow, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00765U Grease Paint Makeup, Blithe Spirit, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00766U Makeup, Rose Blush, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00767U Makeup, Mold Green, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00768U Grease Paint Makeup, White, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00769U Grease Paint Makeup, Black, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00770U Grease Paint Makeup, Red, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00771U Grease Paint Makeup, Green, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00772U Grease Paint Makeup, Deep Yellow, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00773U Grease Paint Makeup, Yellow, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00774U Grease Paint Makeup, Forest Green, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00755U Grease Paint Makeup, Blue, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00776U Grease Paint Makeup, Dark Purple, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00777U Grease Paint Makeup, Clotted Red, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00778U Grease Paint Makeup, Corpse Flesh, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00779U Grease Paint Makeup, Frankie Gray, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00781U Grease Paint Makeup, Ebony, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00782U Grease Paint Makeup, Milk Chocolate, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00783U Grease Paint Makeup, Medium Honey, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00784U Grease Paint Makeup, Warm Honey, 1/2-oz. Jar
LF00789U Créme Make-up Wheel (Auguste)
LF01116U KY Jelly
LF01178U Blood Kit, Blue & Red, Pkg. of 5
LF03774U Methyl Cellulose
LF09919U Nasco Cleaner