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Life/form® by Nasco Healthcare
IV Arm Circulation Pump
Instruction Manual
IV Arm Circulation Pump - LF00699

CAUTION: This product contains dry natural rubber.

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Figure 1


List of Components

A. Life/form® IV Arm Circulation Pump
B. Tubing Assembly
C. Spare Length of Pump Tubing
D. AC Power Cord
E. Battery Power Cord Adapter
F. Adapters
G. 500 cc Fluid Supply Bag with Clamps

Figure 2


Set Up - Establishing a Power Supply

There are two power cords available; this enables IV Arm Circulation Pump to operate from a standard 120V, 60 Hz wall receptacle or from a 9V battery. AC Power Cord: This 6-foot cord has a single male plug on one end and a wall adapter on the other. Insert the single male plug into the power receptacle at the back of the pump and the wall adapter into a wall receptacle. (See figure 2.)

Figure 3


Battery Power Cord: This 7" cord has a single male plug on one end and a 9V battery connector on the other. Insert the single male plug into the power receptacle at the back of the pump and connect the battery connector to a 9V battery (battery not included). (See Figure 3.)

Connect one end of the desired power cord to the IV Arm Circulation Pump and the other end to a power source, the IV Arm Circulation Pump is now ready to use.

Note: These instructions apply to the IV Arm Circulation Pump only. Refer to your IV product manual for instructions for your specific IV product.

General Instructions for Use - Installing the Tubing Assembly and IV Arm (sold separately).

1. Release the protective transparent cover by depressing the tab on the plastic clip located at the bottom of the pump. The cover can then be raised to gain access to the pump head.

Figure 4


2. Take the tubing assembly and wrap the pump tubing around the pump head. Slide each plastic slotted fitting into each metal slotted U-shaped bracket. (See figure 4.)

3. Close the pinch clamps on the fluid supply bag tubing.

Figure 5


4. Fill the fluid supply bag with fluid (artificial blood or water) by lightly pinching the cap to keep the bag open. (See figure 5.)

5. Evacuate the majority of air from the fluid supply bag by lightly pressing the bag before closing cap.

6. Hang the fluid supply bag from an elevated stand (LF01022U not included; sold separately).

Figure 6


7. Attach the fluid supply bag tubes to the offset tee fitting barbs. (See figure 6.)

Figure 7


8. Attach the arm tubes to in-line tee fitting barbs. (See figure 7.)

Figure 8


Figure 9


Note: Use the tubing adapters if using the Life/form® IV Arm Circulation Pump with the Life/form® Pediatric Arm (LF00958U) or Life/form® Infant Arm (LF03637U). (See figures 8 and 9.)

Figure 10


9. Open the clamps on the fluid supply bag tubes as well as the arm tubes. (See figure 10.)

Figure 11


10. Move Power/Direction switch to FORWARD, to activate pump head. (See figure 11.)

Figure 12


11. Move the Pump Speed switch to PRIME (PURGE) to fill the IV arm with liquid. (See figure 12.)

Note: Continue to prime until bubbles stop releasing into the supply bag. The arm and pump are now a “semi-closed” system. With extended use, it may become necessary to open the cap of the supply bag to purge the trapped air.

Figure 13


12. Set the dial setting between 5 and 7, with the power switch at SLOW, and the direction switch at FORWARD. (See figure 13.) Pump speed can be adjusted as needed.


The Life/form® IV Arm Circulation Pump is engineered to provide years of satisfactory service if handled properly. Here are a few precautions:
• Do NOT run the pump in reverse. This will shorten the life of the motor.
• Do NOT manually turn the pump head. Turning the pump head manually will damage the pump gears.
• Do NOT touch the pump head while it is turning.
• This product is not designed or intended for use in patient-related applications.

Replacing the Pump Tube

1. After removing the tubing assembly, slide the slotted tube fitting on each end away from the straight fittings.
2. Remove the barbed end of the straight fittings and slotted tube fittings from the pump tubing, leaving the rest of the tubing assembly intact. Discard the pump tubing.
3. Prepare a new length of tubing for installation by sliding the slotted tube fittings over the end of the pump tubing. Insert a barbed end of the straight fitting on each end of the pump tubing. Make certain to slide the tubing over the barbed portion of the fitting. Repeat this procedure for the other end of the tubing. (Figure 14 shows proper assembly.)
4. The tubing assembly is now ready for installation.

Figure 14

14a - Short Tube Sections; 14b - Pump Tube; 14c - Slotted Tube Fitting; 14d - Straight Fitting; 14e - Tee Fitting

Clean Up

1. Refer to your IV product manual for specific care instructions for your product.
2. Remove entire tubing assembly and rinse under warm water after use.
3. Store with the tubing assembly removed from the pump.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF00699(A)U Replacement Fluid Supply Bag
LF00699(B)U Replacement Tubing Assembly

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

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