Healthcare How to Create a Second Degree Burn Translatable Manual
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How to Create a Second Degree Burn
Instruction Manual
How to Create a Second Degree Burn - Instruction Manual
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Figure 1

Stage 1

Cut the size and shape of the burn you want to moulage using a scalpel or scissors. Place the wound in the area where you want it to be modeled. Then place clotted red makeup around area using foam wedges.

Materials Needed:
• Clotted red makeup
• Foam wedges
• Scissors

Figure 2

Stage 2

Remove wound and brush spirit gum on the location area and wound. Let the spirit gum dry until it feels sticky. If you choose not to use the spirit gum as an adhesive, the burn should stick lightly to the location naturally.

Materials Needed:
• Spirit gum

Figure 3

Stage 3

When burn is in final position, add more blood blister and clotted red makeup slightly around and on top of the burn. Also add a bit of light cream makeup on top of arm. Blood paste can also be added around the arm using a popsicle stick.

Materials Needed:
• Blood blister makeup
• Foam Wedges
• Blood paste
• Light cream makeup
• Clotted red makeup
• Spirit gum

Figure 4

Stage 4

Use a brush to add magic blood powder. Then use the brush to apply a small amount of water to the wound.

Materials Needed:
• Brush
• Magic blood powder
• Water

Figure 5

Stage 5

Use a small amount of soot using a brush or foam sponge. Glycerin may also be added for shine.

Materials Needed:
• Brush or foam sponge
• Glycerin
• Soot

Note: The steps given are only a suggestion - have fun and experiment!