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Grades K-12

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GAME:IT is an introductory game design and development course that engages students in project-based learning. Students will learn about programming concepts, utilize the engineering design process, and take games from concept to reality. Additionally, students will design their own game from scratch using STEM concepts.

This course teaches students:

  • How to build games
  • The components of how gaming is used in the real world
  • What goes into designing good games
  • What separates good games from bad games
  • The gaming and engineering design cycle

5 course levels

  • Elementary
  • Junior
  • Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

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Just wanted to say my two sections of GAME:IT are eating this stuff up and loving it! Once they have the assignment in hand it doesn't take long for them to make their own creative mods and become "Immersed" in their creation! Its been great implementing this in the classroom as well as conversing with you on details along the way!

Kevin D., Technology Teacher
Mankato East High School

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I credit GAME:IT with turning some of my most unwilling science students into tech-savvy science dynamos. Students arrive to class every day eager to program, and the structure of the course allows them to move at their own pace. I had no programming experience before teaching the course, but the objectives have taken very little time to master. Teaching GAME:IT is a joy for me and all of
my students.

Erik D., Science Teacher
Construction Careers Center Charter High School

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I just wanted to share my excitement. I started the new semester with the GAME:IT curriculum, and I am "WOWED". My students were engrossed and engaged in the video, the worksheet, and even my lecture part! Thanks for allowing us to participate and learn using your curriculum. I know it is only one class, but I LOVE IT. This is JUST EXACTLY what I needed for this group of students.

Mike G., Technology Teacher
Cullman Area Career Center