Save Time & Money with Custom Educational Kits

Call us to help you source, price, and package just the materials you need to support your curriculum. Whether you’re looking for price competitive options for a new or existing curriculum, you are standardizing hands-on materials at a particular grade level, or you are filling new classrooms on time and on budget, we can help.

Make the Most of Your Time & Budget

  • Save time looking for items and comparing prices.
  • Get quantity discounts by purchasing the materials together.
  • Save time receiving and organizing materials. Your kits come assembled in the container you selected.

Why Partner with Nasco?

We have more than 75 years of experience sourcing, packaging, and shipping materials to schools! We know what it takes to find quality educational materials that fit your budget.

  • We carry more than 96,000 items, across curriculums that are ready to fit your needs.
  • We will contact one of our 6,000 educational suppliers to help you find just what you’re looking for.
  • Over 600,000 square feet dedicated to building your kits the way you want them.
  • Our team of experts will help with everything from sourcing to pricing to packaging.
  • Our custom kit department was designed with your needs in mind. Our specially trained staff utilizes a dedicated warehouse facility to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Our print shop can create materials to fit your specifications.

6 Easy Steps to Developing Your Custom Kit

1. Create a List of Items

Develop a preliminary list of items you want. Use this form to help organize your list. If you are working with an existing curriculum, use the activity and material guides available. If you are customizing or creating a new curriculum, let Nasco help you source materials. Keep in mind that Nasco has access to over 96,000 components. List all components with as much detail regarding size, shape, color, and any other description possible.

2. Match Up Materials with Existing Nasco Products

To save time, match up materials with existing Nasco products. An entire listing of Nasco products is available online at

3. Determine the Appropriate Category Manager at Nasco

Once your initial list is developed, contact Nasco at 1.800.558.9595 or visit our Managers & Buyers page to determine the appropriate Category Manager in charge of the area for which you are developing the kit. Please ask questions and share ideas. We are available to serve you and are happy to offer suggestions to help you develop a list of components that will work for you.

4. Sourcing and Pricing the Components

The Nasco team (the sales directors, Kit Department, and purchasing staff) will source and price all the components for you. We will be in constant contact with you for needed details. Suggestions for alternatives or changes may be made during this process.

5. Packaging and Labeling

Decisions will also need to be made regarding packaging and labeling. We can package kits in cartons or reusable plastic storage containers depending on your storage needs and budget.

6. When Sourcing is Completed...

When sourcing is completed, a Nasco Custom Kit Form will be sent to you for verification. Once approved, the sales director will be able to determine the cost for your kit.

Nasco’s Experience Producing Custom Kits Gives You the Advantage!

We take pride in building quality custom kits. Partnering with Nasco is an affordable and successful way to provide hands-on learning materials for your students. To save time, match up materials with existing Nasco products.

For a list of current catalogs, click or call 1.800.558.9595.