Free Activities/Lesson Plans
Early Learning Essentials

Nasco currently offers a wide variety of materials and resources for Early Learning Professionals.

Please choose from the following topics:
  • Wearable Art using Crayola® Fabric Crayons
  • Build and learn with Kid K'NEX:
    Choose from five different lesson sheets you can download from the page link below.
  • Build and learn with KID K'NEX®
  • Math Lesson Plans for PreK-1
  • Geometric Shapes All Around Us
  • BSTEM Any Time, Any Place All purpose technology lesson plan. Your students will be challenged to build, observe, and cleanup.
  • Gallon/Fraction Measurements
  • MathWorks | Volume 1: Rekenrek - Adding On Game Students will illustrate adding on using the Rekenrek model; apply their adding on skills to a game; create number sentences while practicing with the Rekenrek.
  • MathWorks | Volume 2: Rekenrek - Word Problems Students will count on to find the answer to word problems with answers between 0 and 20; design their own real-world problems with answers between 0 - 20; utilize an algebraic equation when solving each word problem.