Chemical Information

  • Prompt delivery
  • Required purity levels ensured
  • Containers dated when purchased
  • Safety and purity dictates chemical packaging
  • Label contains CAS numbers where identified
  • Label contains highly visible safety symbols
  • Color-coded labels for proper inventory storage
  • Smaller Size Units
  • Fit Your Laboratory Needs
  • Require Less Shelp Storage Space
  • Easier to Handle and Use
  • Fresh Chemicals Assure Purity and Results
  • Safer to Use - Less Potential Hazard
  • Less Expensive; Stretch Your Budget
Chemical Storage Code Key
Chemical DOT Classifications

Purity Grades
Different applications may or may not require guaranteed purity levels of the chemicals being used. As a general rule, the higher the purity of a chemical, the higher the cost will be. For this reason, Nasco offers a variety of purities, or grades, of each chemical, depending on the application. Common chemical grades are:

ACS Reagent Grade – Manufactured and guaranteed to the highest specifications as set by ACS (American Chemical Society). These chemicals are necessary for analytical applications requiring the most stringent standards.

Reagent Grade – These chemicals are guaranteed to meet or be below maximum impurity limits as stated. Reagent grade is suitable for use in general analytical testing.

Laboratory (Educational) Grade – The most economical of chemical, these general, all-purpose chemicals are suitable for use in applications where no specific purity and/or other standards are specifically called for. They are suitable for almost all educational applications.

Biological Stains and Solutions – We have greatly expanded our offerings of biological stains and ready-to-use staining solutions. Every effort has been made to include affordable and practical small package sizes. All dry stains are of certifiable quality. They are for use in the most exacting work in biology, cytology, etc.

Indicators – As with biological stains, we have also expanded the indicators in our chemical list. Small, practical, and affordable package sizes are included. All indicators and indicator solutions are of the highest quality for laboratory use.

Due to the fact that packaging of chemicals changes frequently, quantities may vary from listing, depending on availability.

Health Notice
The chemicals listed are not sold for consumption, pharmaceutical, or medicinal purposes. They are sold only for research, commercial, and educational use under proper supervision. Only orders on school letterhead, purchase order forms, or WATS line phone orders with a school purchase order number will be accepted. Chemicals will be shipped only to the school address. Sorry, we cannot accept orders placed by individuals.

Shipping Containers and Costs
Nasco does not charge for cartons, labels, and other packaging materials. The listed price includes all handling and packaging charges that have been established and required by the DOT (Department of Transportation). Materials that require additional shipping charges are marked with a DOT Classification icon.

How We Ship
Nasco urges that, to the extent possible, you try to anticipate your chemical needs and combine as many items as possible to reduce shipping charges. With few exceptions, we ship via United Parcel Service.

Hazardous Materials Handling Surcharge
Because of U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, you may be assessed a $24.95 per carton special handling surcharge for products classified as “hazardous.” These products are designated in the catalog by a ♦ or D.O.T. classification next to the catalog number. Whenever possible, like items will be shipped in a single carton. However, shipping more than one type of hazardous material in a single carton is prohibited which may subject you to additional charges.