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Visualizing Protists Poster
Visualizing Protists Poster
Price: $21.95
A close-up view of over 30 protists! Features stunning photos of every phylum, divided into three major groups - plant-like protists, animal-like protists, and fungus-like protists. Also includes detailed illustrations depicting the ..
Product Number: SB38488M
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Mealworm Culture Kit
Mealworm Culture Kit
Price: $25.75
Kit includes beetles, pupa, larvae, eggs, and a 1/2 gallon flex tank (SB19271M) with vented cover, a one-pint bag of bran, and instructions. 100 assorted specimens.Instructions for Mealworm Care.
Product Number: LM00755M
Simu-Plates™ - Bacterial Growth Plate Models Set of 3
Simu-Plates™ - Bacterial Growth Plate Models Set of 3
Price: $34.75
Use these realistic models to demonstrate E. coli ransformation results using three different plasmid prototypes (pAMP, pBLUE, and GFP-containing plasmid) or to calculate transformation efficiencies without performing the actual procedures. Each mo..
Product Number: SB49794M
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Dispatching Fluid
Dispatching Fluid
Price: $5.30
2 oz. ethyl acetate - enough for many charges for our nonpoisonous killing jar (SB09387M). 99% solution.*NOTE: This item can only be shipped via Ground Service. Cannot be shipped outside U.S.A.
Product Number: SA06336M
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Gammarus, Duckweed, and Pond Snails
Gammarus, Duckweed, and Pond Snails
Price: $42.00
Foss® compatible. Set includes 50 each of both Gammarus and Pond Snails, and 1 jar of duckweed.NOTE: LIVE MATERIAL SHIPMENTS UNDER $15.00Due to special handling necessary to ensure live delivery, a $7.00 service ...
Product Number: LM00836M
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (<i>Gomphadorhina portentosa</i>)
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gomphadorhina portentosa)
Price: $65.00
Easily maintained in classroom terraria. Foss® compatible. Provide hiding places (cardboard egg cartons work well), warmth, food, and source of moisture. Unit of 10. Random sex. Need permits for AZ, CA, FL, and TN.     &nbs..
Product Number: LM00925M
Venus’s flytrap (<i>Dionaea muscipula</i>)
Venus’s flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)
Price: $10.50
Tiny trigger hairs on finger-lined leaves respond to the slightest touch to trip the trap on unwary insects.NOTE: LIVE MATERIAL SHIPMENTS UNDER $15.00Due to special handling necessary to ensure live delivery, a $7...
Product Number: LM00383M
Daphnia magna - for Class of 1,200
Daphnia magna - for Class of 1,200
Price: $120.00
Subphylum Crustacea.Active cultures maintained all year. To feed Hydra for heartbeat experiments, behavior demonstration, and fish food.Instructions for Daphnia Care.
Product Number: LM00039(E)M
Feeder Fruit Fly Culture (<i>Drosophila</i>)
Feeder Fruit Fly Culture (Drosophila)
Price: $6.75
Suitable food for small amphibians, reptiles, or insectivorous plants. 13-dram vial complete with NASCO-Mead culture medium inoculated with wild type Drosophila.NOTE: LIVE MATERIAL SHIPMENTS UNDER $15.00Due to...
Product Number: LM00433M
Zebra (<i>Danio rerio</i>)
Zebra (Danio rerio)
Price: $11.00
Fresh-water fish. Unit of 3.*NOTE: Live delivery guaranteed only when shipped next day air.Instructions for Fresh Water Fish Care.NOTE: LIVE MATERIAL SHIPM...
Product Number: LM00779M