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BMI Handout - <em>Spanish</em>
BMI Handout - Spanish
Price: 34.950000762939453125
From Food & Health Communications. Age 14 and up.One side is a BMI chart for adults and adolecents and the other gives basic information on the BMI chart, along with five easy steps for lowering your BMI. Pkg. of 50. 11" x 8-1/2...
Product Number: WA33023HR
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Portion Distortion Tablet - <em>Spanish</em> Version
Portion Distortion Tablet - Spanish Version
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
Get a quick look at healthy portions. The front shows the portion size of a meal that a restaurant typically serves versus the recommended portion size of the same meal, along with easy ways to visualize portion sizes, recommended calorie levels, and mo..
Product Number: WA25169HR
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Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Price: 29.950000762939453125
Easy personal monitoring with one-button operation and clinically accurate readings. Features a large LCD display; fully automatic inflation and deflation; simultaneous systolic, diastolic, and pulse results; one-person memory bank holds 60 read..
Product Number: SB50072HR
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Citizen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Citizen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Price: 49.950000762939453125
One-button blood pressure measurements and quiet, fully automatic inflation and deflation makes taking clinically accurate systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings simple. Features include 99-reading memory bank, memory recall with date/time stam..
Product Number: SB51780HR
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