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Developed by Nasco Made in USA
Price: 11.55000019073486328125
• raspberry • 3 oz. (90 g)Made in the U.S.A.
Product Number: WA13655HR
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<em>Vanish</em> Adhesive Remover - 11 oz.
Vanish Adhesive Remover - 11 oz.
Price: 5.900000095367431640625
The ultimate adhesive remover! Gentle on hair, yet strong enough to remove all grooming products used. Quickly and safely removes adhesive, lacquer, paint, and wax. Use before shampooing and after showing animals. You can re-groom immediately follow..
Product Number: C28767N
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Sick! Science® Kit: Water <em>Vanish</em>
Sick! Science® Kit: Water Vanish
Price: 10.25
Take science to a fun, dynamic, and educational new level! Uses a short and cool introductory video to show the experience the students will be doing and engages their minds, ending with a question like, “How does that work?” Students then t..
Product Number: EL13745B
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Rice - <em>Spanish</em>
Rice - Spanish
Developed by Nasco Made in USA
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
• cooked • 1/2 cup (120 ml)Made in the U.S.A.
Product Number: WA00869H
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<em>Spanish</em> Classic Bananagrams®
Spanish Classic Bananagrams®
Price: 14.94999980926513671875
GRADE 2 AND UPA fast, portable word game that requires no board, paper, pencil, or timer. Great for small groups! Includes 144 ivory-like letter tiles. Players simply race to complete their own crossword grid, allowing students of various leve...
Product Number: 1506118B
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MyPlate Guide - <em>Spanish</em>
MyPlate Guide - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 16
Teach everyone how to make their plate into MyPlate! Discusses what foods are in each group, serving sizes, how many servings should be eaten, and how to make a healthy plate. Also includes a fun quiz on the back. Set of 25, 11" x 8-1/2". Co..
Product Number: WA32216HR
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Food Safety Sheets - <em>Spanish</em>
Food Safety Sheets - Spanish
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
Discover need-to-know information about how to keep food safe and prevent foodborne illness. Features basic information about the four principles of food safety: Clean, Chill, Cook, and Separate. 50 double-sided sheets, 11" x 8-1/2&#..
Product Number: WA32259H
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<em>Spanish</em> Magnetic Learning Letters
Spanish Magnetic Learning Letters
Price: 23.950000762939453125
Gr. PreK+¿Habla Español? Now you can with this set of 120 soft foam magnetic letters featuring the Spanish alphabet. Great for building Spanish or English words. Color-coded - consonants are purple and vowels are green. Li...
Product Number: 1503391B
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BMI Handout - <em>Spanish</em>
BMI Handout - Spanish
Price: 34.950000762939453125
From Food & Health Communications. Age 14 and up.One side is a BMI chart for adults and adolecents and the other gives basic information on the BMI chart, along with five easy steps for lowering your BMI. Pkg. of 50. 11" x 8-1/2...
Product Number: WA33023HR
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Live 54321+10® Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
Live 54321+10® Tablet - Spanish
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
Ages 6-12.Same as the poster (WA32235HR) on the front. Back side explains to parents and guardians why each number in the countdown is important and offers suggestions on how to incorporate them into the...
Product Number: WA33044HR
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International Cookbooks - 1,000 <em>Spanish</em> Recipes
International Cookbooks - 1,000 Spanish Recipes
Price: 34.950000762939453125
By Penelope Casas. A collection of simple, precise recipes including tapas, Spanish omelets, soups, salads, main courses, paellas, breads, and desserts (20 types of flan). This book offers 1,000 mouthwatering recipes from a specific country...
Product Number: WA33713H
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Diabetes Mellitus - <em>Spanish</em>
Diabetes Mellitus - Spanish
Price: 14.94999980926513671875
By Sue K. Milchovich, RN, BSN, CDE, and Barbara Dunn-Long, RD.Includes the latest developments in diabetes treatment, as well as the most current information on new medication delivery methods. Includes both the medical and nutritional sides o...
Product Number: WA33765HR
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Jo Sonja’s® Wood Stain Gel - 4-oz. Tube - <em>Danish</em> Pine
Jo Sonja’s® Wood Stain Gel - 4-oz. Tube - Danish Pine
Price: 4.05000019073486328125
Create a fantastic finish on all your wood projects. Water-based transparent wood stains are formulated with a gel consistency for ease of application. Use for staining, antiquing, and faux finishes.
Product Number: 9727337(E)
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Kalokids® <em>Spanish</em> Circular Emotions™ Carpet
Kalokids® Spanish Circular Emotions™ Carpet
Price: 212.9499969482421875
• Encourage group discussion about feelings• Highly visual carpet has 12 different emotions with keywords• Distinctive and brightly colored, child-friendly designs• Crease-resistant with unique Rhombus™...
Product Number: Z48149J
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Portion Distortion Tablet - <em>Spanish</em> Version
Portion Distortion Tablet - Spanish Version
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
Get a quick look at healthy portions. The front shows the portion size of a meal that a restaurant typically serves versus the recommended portion size of the same meal, along with easy ways to visualize portion sizes, recommended calorie levels, and mo..
Product Number: WA25169HR
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MyPlate on a Budget Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
MyPlate on a Budget Tablet - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 18
Offers tips for buying, preparing, and eating affordably while following the MyPlate guidelines. Helps identify ways to purchase and prepare healthful, nutritious foods without breaking the bank. 50 double-sided sheets, 11" x 8-1/2". Cop..
Product Number: WA32263HR
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Diabetes MyPlate Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
Diabetes MyPlate Tablet - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
50 double-sided sheets, 8-1/2" x 11". Copyright 2013.
Product Number: WA32264HR
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Sugar Shockers™ Drinks Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
Sugar Shockers™ Drinks Tablet - Spanish
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
From Learning ZoneXpress™. Find out how much sugar is really in the drinks you love. A variety of popular drinks including milk, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, and soda are shown side by side with the equivalent number of sugar...
Product Number: WA32275HR
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USDA MyPlate Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
USDA MyPlate Tablet - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
From Learning ZoneXpress™.Promote MyPlate in a colorful, fun way! Features the poster (sold separately, WA29801HR) on one side and 10 tips to a great plate on the other side. 50 double-sided sheets measuring 8-1/2" x 11".
Product Number: WA31407HR
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CPR for Bystanders 2010 DVD - <em>Spanish</em> Version
CPR for Bystanders 2010 DVD - Spanish Version
Price: 135
Gives an overview for laypersons of the standards for basic life support. Covers the C-A-B Sequence of CPR, the 5-Link Chain of Survival Simplified; the ABCDs of CPR for adults, children, and infants; and proper rescue etiquette for choking ..
Product Number: SB49457G
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<em>Spanish</em>/English Classroom Labels - Set of 106
Spanish/English Classroom Labels - Set of 106
Price: 4.75
Ages 7-13. Introduce English-speaking students to Spanish while helping Spanish-speaking students learn English with these handy labels. Set of 106; largest pieces measure 6" x 8".
Product Number: EL14047J
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<em>Spanish</em> in a Flash™ Bingo Classroom Pack
Spanish in a Flash™ Bingo Classroom Pack
Price: 26.950000762939453125
Gr. 1+Learning Spanish has never been so easy or so fun! Game cards feature photographic images that link vocabulary with real life. Topics include: the body, the classroom, days of the week, family, food, numbers, school, expressions, feel...
Product Number: 1504985B
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Famous People in American History (<em>Spanish</em>)
Famous People in American History (Spanish)
Price: 99.9499969482421875
Gr. 3-6A series of “first biographies” written in Spanish and designed for beginning readers. Each book introduces one of the most important individuals in recent times and explains what makes them so remarkable. Historic ph...
Product Number: 1506496B
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Diabetes MyPlate Guide - <em>Spanish</em>
Diabetes MyPlate Guide - Spanish
Price: 16.950000762939453125
From Learning ZoneXpress™.Promote good food choices with diabetes in mind. Features an adaptation of MyPlate that shows foods divided into a diabetes-friendly guide. Foods are categorized by adapted food groups, including fruits, ...
Product Number: WA33041HR
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Life/form® Rice - <em>Spanish</em> - Cooked
Life/form® Rice - Spanish - Cooked
NEW Developed by Nasco Made in USA
Price: 12.5
1/2 cup (120 ml). Made in the U.S.A. Life/form® Food Replicas are not toys and are not intended for use by unsupervised children under 12 years old.
Product Number: WA33823HR
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The Original Chair Dancing® Fitness - <em>Spanish</em> DVD
The Original Chair Dancing® Fitness - Spanish DVD
Closeout Special
Price: 11.43999958038330078125
Original List Price: 19.950000762939453125
Buy from eNasco and Save 8.51000118255615234375
While supplies last!Chair Dancing® Fitness is a no-impact aerobic fitness program done while seated, which is beneficial even to those with restricted mobility, or whose age limits their participation in conventional forms of exercis...
Product Number: SN30863C
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The Art Student’s Workbook, <em>Spanish</em> Student Edition
The Art Student’s Workbook, Spanish Student Edition
Price: 10.94999980926513671875
Similar to the Teacher’s Edition ((9738395)), but does not include all the lesson ideas and samples. Includes more space for writing, reflecting, sketching, and creating a year-long portfolio under one cover. Cop...
Product Number: 9738394
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Portion Distortion Poster - <em>Spanish</em> Version - 24" x 18"
Portion Distortion Poster - Spanish Version - 24" x 18"
Price: 14.94999980926513671875
Grade 6 and up.Award-winning poster provides a dazzling display of important nutritional information, including recommended portion sizes, calories, and grams of fat. 24" x 18" laminated poster. Copyright 2005.
Product Number: WA25168G
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MyPlate for Breastfeeding Moms Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
MyPlate for Breastfeeding Moms Tablet - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 11.94999980926513671875
From Learning ZoneXpress™.This dietary guide, based on USDA MyPlate’s recommendations, helps breastfeeding women eat a balanced diet that supports the baby’s needs and helps mom return to her pre-pregnancy weight. The ...
Product Number: WA32265HR
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MyPlate for Expecting Moms Tablet - <em>Spanish</em>
MyPlate for Expecting Moms Tablet - Spanish
My Plate
Price: 14.3500003814697265625
Age 14 to adult.Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant have special nutritional needs. Based on the USDA’s MyPlate, the recommendations help pregnant women eat for a healthy baby. The plan shows different amounts of foo...
Product Number: WA31419HR
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