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Science Product Information
Living Material – The Nasco Advantage

You gain six ways when you order Nasco living material:
  • Prompt, Reliable Service: Nasco has over 55 years experience in rearing, maintaining, and shipping live material.
  • Toll-Free Telephone Service for Checking Availability: Simply dial 1-800-558-9595.
  • Next Day Shipment: Next Day Air Shipping Service is also available if requested. Rates are higher, but may be appropriate for perishable items. Please contact our sales representatives at 1-800-558-9595 for further details.
  • Live Delivery Guaranteed: Nasco will replace specimens for free or credit your account (Nasco's choice), if notified within 48 hours. (Live delivery guarantee for domestic shipments only.)
  • Prices Include Packaging: Except where noted.
  • Convenient Prepaid Coupons: When you order by coupon, you receive postcards to redeem live material sets at a later date. Contact Nasco Order Department.
  • NOTE: Please remit payment to Nasco when you receive your coupon.
Living Material Ordering Information:
  • Please specify shipping date with your order.
  • Try to order live material for Monday or Tuesday shipment. Saturday shipments by special request.
  • To ensure live delivery in extreme temperatures, or for delivery on Mondays, a charge for insulated packaging may be necessary on shipments. Estimated minimum $5.00.
  • Some cultures may be shipped direct from our Wisconsin culture lab.
  • Some organisms may be restricted in your state.
Live Material Shipments Under $30.00

Due to special handling necessary to ensure live delivery, a $5.00 service charge will be added to shipments of live material totaling less than $30.00. Nonliving items coded with an (LM) suffix can be shipped with live material to increase value of shipment.

Primary Kit For Grades K-4

Activity Level Typical Grade
Level Range
Number of Activities
1 K-2 34
2 1-3 32
3 2-4 35

Intermediate Kit For Grades 4-9

Activity Level Typical Grade
Level Range
Number of Activities
4 4-6 49
5 5-7 57
6 6-9 56

Kit Features:
  • Compatible with commercial text and program series
  • Each learning activity designed for a specific grade level
  • Investigations at each activity level are sequential and interrelated
  • Special equipment and materials specifically designed to permit "hands-on" investigations of ideas normally developed through discussion or reading
  • Durable, partitioned, permanent storage chest
  • Replacement service is provided
Teacher's Guide Includes These Aids For Each Investigation:
  • Statement of the ideas to be developed
  • Illustrated instructional procedures
  • Blackline master for a Student Activity Sheet and/or Data Sheet
  • Blackline master for Student Evaluation Sheet
  • Answer key
  • All materials contained in a durable binder
Another First From Nasco! Teacher Instruction Videos

In conjunction with Nasco's commitment to helping teachers teach hands-on science, we offer teacher instruction videos for all SciQuest® Hands-On Physical Science Kits.

These informative instruction videos are designed to provide teachers with a step-by-step demonstration of procedures, from setup to interpretation of results. These videos will also help teachers to identify potential pitfalls associated with a particular experiment and provide "tips" for bringing the investigation to a successful, meaningful conclusion.

SciQuest® teacher instruction videos are topic-specific and represent a permanent, self-directed, in-service resource which will enable each classroom teacher to improve the quality of the learning experience they provide for their students. SPECIAL NOTE: When instruction videos are purchased with a SciQuest® Kit, a tremendous savings is realized.

Topical Kits

By Carl Pfeiffer.
The first of a series of topical, idea-centered chemistry kits designed for use with 3-5 students in grades 7-9.

Kit Features:
  • Each kit provides the chemistry equipment and materials needed to conduct investigations involving chemical change in a regular classroom setting
  • Content is organized around specific Ideas to be Developed through "hands-on" activities
  • Excellent equipment and education value per dollar invested
  • Durable, space-saving storage chest
  • Uses household and garden chemicals common to the daily environment
  • Replacement of special chemicals and equipment is available at a reasonable cost
  • Optional equipment needed, but not included, for ChemQuest® Kits SB20218M, SB20221M, SB20222M, SB20223M, and SB20224M. Laboratory burner SA04468M or SB16434M, Balance (sensitive to 1/10 g) SB19193M, and Weight Set TA05388M
Teacher's Guide Includes:
  • Teaching/learning plans that focus on a sequence of Ideas to be Developed
  • Illustrated instructional procedures for each investigation
  • Blackline masters for preparing student data, activity, and evaluation sheets
  • Answer key


Nasco is an authorized dealer for Ohaus® products. For Ohaus® equipment and pricing that you might not find in our listings, please call 1-800-558-9595

Fastrak Shipping in 2 Weeks or Less...Guaranteed!

Fastrak items are guaranteed to be shipped within two weeks or less when they meet the following criteria:
  • Fastrak items must be clearly noted on purchase orders when being ordered with other items from Nasco; or purchase order must contain only Fastrak items.
  • Fastrak items ordered with additional height, leg brace or electrical options will take 6-8 weeks.
  • Call for delivery dates on larger quantities (30 or more tables of one kind or seven or more cabinets of one kind).