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Barbara George PhotoWelcome to the 2014 Family & Consumer Sciences Newsletter

Dear FCS Friends:

Thanks for taking time to review our catalog. We know your time is valuable, but when you think of new products you would like to see in our catalog, please share your ideas with us at FCSdirector@eNasco.com. We value your opinion and always appreciate hearing from you. You can also communicate with us and your peers on the Nasco FCS Facebook page.

We have assembled products to make your role easier. New products have been added in consumer science, parenting, career exploration, healthy nutrition lifestyles, food preparation, and other important life skills. Your settings vary greatly from traditional classrooms and community centers to camps and other remote locations - and we find products to fit them all! Our catalog contains many proprietary products that we develop at Nasco with help from experts like you, and we source the best items we can find from others. We want to draw your attention to the vast assortment of proprietary nutrition products we offer, including the NEW paper MyPlate package and the very popular MyPlate food kit and display rack. You will find an expanded food service section but, again, let us know what else you would like included.

We are excited about the new, improved version of the Basic Ready-or-Not Tot® at a lower price. Also check out the new economy parenting simulator, Love to Care for only $49.95. We know your budgets are tight and we keep working with our development team to come up with great products at the best prices. Please share your ideas with us. We are dedicated to delivering your products in a timely manner and serving your needs.


Barbara George Signature

Barbara George
Family & Consumer Sciences Director