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Lubber Grasshopper with latex (<i>Romalea microptera</i>)
Lubber Grasshopper with latex (Romalea microptera)
Price: $9.00
Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta.
Large, tracheal system injected with yellow latex. Unit of 10.
Nasco’s Romalea are the standard in the industry. No second grade specimens are packed, and both sexes are represented in each shipment. Pre..
Product Number: LS02440M
Millipede (<i>Spirobolus</i> sp.)
Millipede (Spirobolus sp.)
Price: $28.00
Class Diplopoda.
Large size. Unit of 10.
Product Number: LS03472M
Centipede (<i>Scolopendra</i> sp.)
Centipede (Scolopendra sp.)
Price: $32.00
Class Chilopoda.
Southern. Preserved, medium to large size. Unit of 10.
Product Number: LS03471M
Aquatic Insects Riker Display
Aquatic Insects Riker Display
Price: $83.50
This collection of 21 common specimens illustrates a variety of larval and adult stages. Specimens include the black fly, mayfly, damselfly, caddis fly, dragonfly, shore fly, and mosquito. Perfect for studies of aquatic ecosystems and insect life-cy..
Product Number: SB39214M
Choice Chamber
Choice Chamber
Price: $3.90
Study the habits of picky arthropods! Explore habitat preference and animal behavior using small arthropods as test subjects. Isopods or “pill bugs” are a good choice. The chamber is equipped with a tight-fitting lid to contain the critt..
Product Number: SB48162M
Insect Specimen Blocks - Insect Friends
Insect Specimen Blocks - Insect Friends
Price: $76.50
Preserved specimens are encased in clear resin blocks with a scientific name tag to identify the insect. Features representatives of 10 different insects that can be viewed as potentially beneficial. Includes silkworm, dragonfly, dung beetle, praying ma..
Product Number: SB48193M
Hissing Cockroaches
Hissing Cockroaches
Price: $18.50
Hissing cockroaches preserved in a plastic pouch. Safe to handle and examine. Package of 10.
Product Number: LS03816M
Insect Metamorphosis Set
Insect Metamorphosis Set
Price: $48.75
Gradual, incomplete, and complete insect metamorphosis is shown in this 8" x 12" Riker mount. Each of the specimens is fully labeled and mounted behind glass.
Product Number: SB10435M
Scorpion, Large
Scorpion, Large
Price: $4.00
Class Arachnida.

The most popular specimens for adaption and function, as well as general anatomy.
Product Number: LS01336M
Fiddler Crab (<i>Uca</i> sp.)
Fiddler Crab (Uca sp.)
Price: $3.00
Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Crustacea, Class Malacostraca.
Preserved. Males exhibit one large cheliped.
Product Number: LS03467M