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Praying Mantis Egg Cases (<i>Paratenodera sinensis</i>)
Praying Mantis Egg Cases (Paratenodera sinensis)
Price: $6.50
Class Insecta.
Beneficial insect displays incomplete metamorphosis. One egg case can produce 100-200 mantises. May take two to six weeks to hatch. Warm and humid conditions are necessary for hatching. Seasonal item: January through June only. C..
Product Number: LM00359(X)M
Green Earth Praying Mantis Insect Kit
Green Earth Praying Mantis Insect Kit
Price: $19.95
Raise your own live Praying Mantis! Learn about the life cycle and biology while you raise your own live pets. Kit includes Super View net habitat; magnifier, pipette, and padded tweezers; instruction and activity book with information about the Praying..
Product Number: SB42055M
Mealworm Study Kit
Mealworm Study Kit
Price: $32.00
Mealworms have been used for many years for basic insect studies. Why? Because they are easy to raise, maintain, and are safe to handle. This ongoing or short-term study tool is perfect for your classroom. Includes flex tank and cover, mealworm cult..
Product Number: LM00982M
Ladybug Land
Ladybug Land
Price: $27.75
Grade PreK and up.
Discover ladybug metamorphosis in the Ladybug Land! Send in the included pre-paid coupon and receive your fascinating Pink Spotted ladybug larvae by mail. The see-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug’..
Product Number: SB46057M