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Battery Eliminator
Battery Eliminator
Price: $69.95
The Battery Eliminator power supply is both line regulated and load regulated. It can be used as a substitute for most size batteries (“D”, “C”, “A”, “AA”) and also most low-voltage classroom experimen..
Product Number: SB22466M
Power Supply
Power Supply
Price: $45.50
Grade 4 and up.
A handy, compact unit easily suited to your laboratory needs. Features 1.25-15V DC, 0.5A@8V, 0.3A@12V, 0.2A@15V, and a short-protected IC thermo. Two-year warranty.
Product Number: SB49348(X)M
AC/DC Variable Power Supply
AC/DC Variable Power Supply
Popular Choice
Price: $172.50
An ideal power supply for any lab. Features a DC output from 0-30V and an AC output from 0-40V at up to 5 amps. Voltage adjust knob controls all three outputs while the volt and amp meters display the desired setting. Measures 5-3/8" H x..
Product Number: SB45640M