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Language Arts Game Set - Grade 4-5
Language Arts Game Set - Grade 4-5
Price: $199.95
Gr. 4-5
An engaging collection of activities to encourage language development while having fun. Includes I Have Who Has, Words Galore, Sentence Challenge, Word Pond II, Double Duel - Sound Alike, Bananagrams, Spelling All Stars, Sup..
Product Number: 1506999L
Price: $17.95
Gr. 2+
This dynamic new word game requires a keen eye and a quick hand. Each round starts with players placing seven letter-cards in their card racks. Players combine letters from their own rack with letters from another player to create..
Product Number: 1507238L
I Have… Who Has… Game - Gr. 5-6
I Have… Who Has… Game - Gr. 5-6
Price: $15.95
The entire class can have fun while practicing skills in language arts, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, listening, and speaking. Hand out all 37 cards (some may get more than one). The student whose card read, “I have the first card. Who has…..
Product Number: 1507261L