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Djubi™ Original Set
Djubi™ Original Set
Price: $22.45
• Includes 2 racquets and 2 balls
• Place the rubber launching loop around the launch hook, pull back, aim, and launch the ball.
• Easily launches to 100 ft.
• For more Djubi™ balls see PE07742E
Product Number: PE07741E
Hi-Li Scoop Set
Hi-Li Scoop Set
Price: $29.95
• Set of 12 scoops
• 2 each of 6 colors
Product Number: PE03726E
Rainbow Catch-a-Cups
Rainbow Catch-a-Cups
Price: $13.95
• Baseball-size whiffle ball attached to a strong, thin nylon cord
• Remove ball and cord to play bounce-catch with a tennis ball
• Use with fleece balls during relays
Product Number: PE07083E
Scoop Ball Set
Scoop Ball Set
Price: $34.25
• Each color includes pair of scoops and ball
• Set of six includes: blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow
Product Number: PE04242E
Super Loop™ 9 Target Set
Super Loop™ 9 Target Set
Price: $108.50
• Nine 2-piece uprights allow different playing heights for easy or more challenging play
• Nine 18" hoop targets with nets
• Nine ground stakes
• Includes four discs
Product Number: PE05893E
Super Scoops Set
Super Scoops Set
Price: $44.95
• Tracked scoop and extra-wide head makes playing toss and catch easier
• Durable, hard-plastic grip
• Set of 12 scoops and six balls include two scoops and one ball each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, gre..
Product Number: PE05791E
Cosom® by Cramer Scooper-Dooper Set
Cosom® by Cramer Scooper-Dooper Set
Price: $46.50
• Sure-grip handle design
• 6 pairs of scoops
• 6 softball-size whiffle balls
• Made in the U.S.A.
Product Number: PE03239E
Skill Shot
Skill Shot
Price: $134.95
• Portable disc golf target
• Tripod base
• Canvas basket and chain assembly
• Shoulder carrying bag
Product Number: PE03415E
Djubi™ Ball Pack of 3
Djubi™ Ball Pack of 3
Price: $12.95
Balls are for use with Djubi™ racquets. See Original Set (PE07741E).
Product Number: PE07742E
Trac Ball Toss N’ Catch Racket Set
Trac Ball Toss N’ Catch Racket Set
Price: $9.95
• Sail it, toss it, curve it!
• Specially designed trac sends the ball flying with amazing distance and awesome curve balls
• 21" L x 8" W racket
• 11" dia. ball
• Set includes 2 jumbo-sized ra..
Product Number: PE08560E