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Life/form® Nutrition & Bone Health 3-D Teaching Kit
Life/form® Nutrition & Bone Health 3-D Teaching Kit
Developed by Nasco
Price: $79.95
By Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
The three-dimensional display in this teaching kit portrays both healthy bone and osteoporotic bone and illustrates how bone tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself. Kit also contains a 4-pa..
Product Number: WA20293HR
Loss of a Bone
Loss of a Bone
Price: $109.30
Visually demonstrate the effects of osteoporosis with this three-dimensional display of three bones: one normal, one dying from slow degeneration, and one broken. This model helps students understand why bones become weak, brittle, and then break. T..
Product Number: WA17607HR
Osteoporosis Disk Set
Osteoporosis Disk Set
Price: $49.95
Enlarged cross-section of bone illustrating the progressive thinning of trabeculae bone that occurs due to osteoporosis. Comes with information card (8-1/4" x 6-1/4"). Model measures 4" dia. x 1-5/8".
Product Number: SB48059HR