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Pig Roundworm (<i>Ascaris suum</i>)
Pig Roundworm (Ascaris suum)
Price: $14.50
Phylum Nematoda. Unit of 10.

Please note: Items sold only as a unit of 10 will be shipped bulk packaged on orders of 2 or more units. Please specify if individual units are needed when ordering.
Product Number: LS01071MH
Ascaris Dissection Guide
Ascaris Dissection Guide
Price: $7.95
Well-llustrated 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" guide designed for grades 6-10. Set of 15.
Product Number: SB18115MH
Pig Roundworm Display
Pig Roundworm Display
Price: $71.95
Beautifully preserved, real specimens embedded in clear acrylic. Specimens are numbered, and the included key card indicates which is female and which is male. Measures 6-3/8" x 3".
Product Number: SB48349MH